Verified Products

Verified Products

Welcome to Clothes-Together. I wanted to explain as much as I could about Verified Products. First of all I started off trying many suppliers. I tried selling different products from different suppliers and from different countries. I even tried using Aliexpress. I was concerned using those suppliers and I was very concerned using Aliexpress. I was worried about the Aliexpress products not always being in good quality or the uncertainty that the size or cut of the product would be incorrect measurements. I was just constantly worried. 

So after all the trials and tribulations, I decided to only use suppliers that were verified. When a supplier is verified you know that they have an actual physical warehouse and that their products are in good quality. It was also important for me that the products were in U.S sizes and that the products were shipped here in the USA. 

I finally found a supplier that I am very happy with. Located in Los Angeles, CA.. I took my time to review their products, ordered a couple of items to make sure that it was in good quality, I read all their reviews and checked out all that I could. I'll tell you. I was very impressed and satisfied. 

So it begins I now have a new verified supplier that I can feel comfort and security in. I am confident in my supplier and the new products I carry in my store, which means I feel confident in the products that I carry and sell to my customers which are in good quality, shipped in 5-7 days, U.S sizes, shipped from USA and shipped through our USPS/UPS delivery service. 

I hope you can give us a try and feel the security I felt knowing that the products you ordered are in the quality that you expect it to be, and to feel the security that your product will reach you in 5-7 days not 3-6 weeks. 

 I also would like for you to know that we are always reachable through our Contact Us page and our Live Support Chat. We at Clothes-Together thank you for shopping with us. Please feel free to contact us at anytime and if we are not live online, please leave us a message. If there is something that you cannot find, we are here to help. Happy Shopping!